Sorry about breaking through the other series stuff.  Work got busy and I just could not stay focused long enough.  So that isn’t going to happen, which is fine.

Today’s thought train is all about my biometrics results.  Overall not horrible but I was not happy with my HDL numbers.  My TG numbers were still good but higher than before (last time it was in the 40s, which is unreal low and I was kinda stoked by it).  I know that with the ren faire and traveling as of late that probably had a negative impact.  Also with daylight being much shorter now I haven’t been doing those 4 mile runs I was doing before my August tests, so I’m pretty sure that is a significant variable.

So what I need to do, and I’ve said this before and failed to follow through, is do those morning runs.  That also means I won’t get coffee until after the run (maybe I can use the caffeine addiction in a positive way this time?).  Typically those runs take me about an hour (usually a little more).

To make this happen, I need several things.

  1. An iron will.
  2. Get up earlier, maybe 5:45 AM (Yeah I know).
  3. Make sure I have my running clothes somewhere ready to throw on (Gotta play the part!).
  4. An audio book ready (I need to bring that back, worked well the year I lost 80 lbs)
  5. Drink a small cup of water
  6. Get out the door by 6:15 AM
  7. Throw in those sprint intervals
  8. Get home, stretch
  9. Shower (need to put stuff in 2nd bathroom in case primary is in use)
  10. Coffee, water, food