12-27-18 workout

Went in for a later workout, with all the sessions and a consultation I did regarding O365.  Jose class, which did not disappoint…so to speak.   1500 reps was the name of the game.  I got maybe half way.  I was too tired to count at some point

  • Warm up run, with jogs up the hill outside in ~40 degree weather intermixed
  • dynamic warmups
  • 2 min squat jacks
  • main event (order not exact):
  • 40 burpees
  • 50 tire squats
  • push ~90lb sled across gym
  • 100 jumping jacks
  • 50 weighted situps (40lb dumbell)
  • 50 kb swings (yellow, ~35 lb)
  • 10 sprint sets
  • 50 pushups
  • sled
  • 50 toe touches
  • sled (no one was doing the sled, and I knew if no one did, he’d get the class somehow…altruism for the win?)
  • repeat former exercises
  • finish with burpees + sprints

There was probably more…but I’m too tired to recall.




12-27-18 solo therapy

Doing this in reverse based on memory

Talked about my ability to dig in deep for extra reserves (fitness, but also life)

Being able to define baselines on health with my wife. Impact on me, her. Being able to incorporate shared physical activity (maybe dancing) to give reason

What does she need from me?

What happens if I go completely hands off?

Will discuss progress on my goals next time

12-27-18 couple therapy

Discussed how companionship improved

Financial backgrounds differences impact life outlooks

Ethnic backgrounds effect on how we handle money

Differences in priorities.

Wife’s priorities

Career…will look for new in Feb


Financial stability.. appropriate salary…pto

CC debt free by end of 2019

My priorities


Clear CC debt

Save for roof, driveway

Maintain career

12-20-18 workout

I’m close to getting 15 clean pushups in before my form craps out…anyhow

  1. Warmup run with high knees, butt kickers, sprints, side shuffles
  2. dynamic stretches with 20 high knees between each exercise
  3. Partner setup, 5/5/5 to 25/25/25 pushups, situps, squats; increment 5
  4. circuit
    1. 3 tire flips
    2. tire step throughs
    3. 10 rope slams
    4. 10 medicine ball slams
    5. 10 ab rollers
    6. 10 sliders, knees to chest
    7. high knees via agility ladder
  5. Circuit 2
    1. 15 box jumps
    2. 15 trx rows
    3. “box sprint”…run forward, shuffle left, run backwards, shuffle right
    4. squat jacks along fire hose
  6. Circuit 3
    1. Any of the above exercises for 10 count (except tire flips)
    2. “man maker” with 10lb dumbells
      1. sprawl to pushup, single arm row while holding plank, each side, then back to squat, curl, shoulder press
  7. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaabs
    1. flutter kicks 1-2-3/25
    2. knees to chest 25
    3. situps 25
    4. crunches 40 (elbows touch knees)
  8. Stretch


12-19-18 couple’s therapy

We talked a bit about my concerns from yesterday. I’m not sure if any solution came out of it. I think at best a Luke warm non-committal to maybe do a 1 day a week sf session from my wife.

I guess I’m being asked to be what feels like eternally patient. I feel like shutting down and not bothering to try to help her anymore with the health stuff.

I think I feel sad.

12-18-18 All in?

Something I’m mentally grappling with now is whether I want to add Kenpo back onto my plate (while still doing the morning SF workouts). While I’m still not at the weight I want to be, I’m definitely significantly stronger and have better endurance than when I last trained.

There are several problems I have to address if I do this.

  1. I will always be a bit late, since it starts at 6pm.
  2. I have to deal with that extra cost
  3. I won’t have enough time to eat dinner at home, so I’ll have to bring dinner to work and eat at like 4:30.
  4. If I maintain SF too, I will not have any time for playing games. Am I prepared to make that choice? Do I not only want to fix my body that badly, but do I also want master a martial art, and my own body that badly as well?
  5. Even less time with my wife
  6. If poly ever becomes a thing again, it won’t be very possible with only sat and Sunday available.
  7. Any other social initiatives during the week will be unavailable.

12-18-18 workout

  1. Warm-up run with standard intermixes
  2. Dynamic stretches with 20 high knees between each exercise
  3. Partner sit-ups, arms over chest, tap elbows 50
  4. More sit-ups, tap opposing elbows for a total of 100 (so 130 total)…also this time I had a partner that could keep up
  5. Sprints in lines for the next 5 minutes
  6. Circuit 10 min, x5 pushups each exercise
  7. Sledgehammer x20, high knees
  8. Boxjump x10, 10 goblet squat, 20 weighted lunges
  9. Trx row x10
  10. Kb swing x10
  11. 10 rope slam, 20 drummers
  12. Sliders, knees to chest
  13. Rest
  14. Circuit 2, x5 pushups, 20 tire taps
  15. 10 sledgehammer
  16. 10 box jump
  17. 10 trx row
  18. 10 kb swing
  19. 10 rope slam, 20 drummers
  20. 10 sliders knees to chest
  21. Circuit 3, x5 pushup, 10 tire taps, plank jacks through agility ladder…all exercises from above but 5 reps
  22. Sprints last 5 min
  23. Stretch

I still feel like I need to do more. Scale still stubborn. Need to be better at resisting surprise temptations at work and social funtions. I also want to add something at night. Maybe just use the dance game for now.

I still want to get back into Kenpo. Challenge is going to be timing and cost. Need to have talk with wife on whether she will make use of SF and pt.

12-17-18 emotional stuff

For the most part things have been stable and predictable. At least for me. My wife has been having a tough time with her job. Oh and the lawyer stuff I’m preparing to deal with. She also finished up this semester and will be taking a couple months off from school.

I guess I haven’t been able to think about much else lately. I’ve been focused on the health stuff, which still hasn’t been going the way I want. I was barely able to hit 188 Friday.. then one bad day, bam 193 post Monday workout. Ugh. I imagine winter is having an influence. I’m working out harder than I did in the summer…and the weight was flying off back then. My pushups are better though. Gotta keep grinding.

12-17-18 workout

Sleep schedule was off as Saturday I was up late for a d&d game and follow up hang out at a friend’s friend’s apartment, where I did not have the best food options. Mix that with social anxiety and food will be eaten if it means I don’t need to come up with something to say. Anyway…

  1. 5 min warm-up with interspersed incrementing jumping jacks, high knees, butt kickers, pushups, bear crawls, lunges
  2. Arm rotations, hip thrust (1 min), “cherry pickers” 2 min, sprawling pushups (2) 2 min, squat jacks 2 min, mountain climbers
  3. Circuit 10 min, lines
  4. Suicide run
  5. 20 rope slam
  6. Mixed planks, side planks, 6 inch hold, flutter kicks, squat holds, squat jumps
  7. Circuit 2 (10 min)
  8. Sprint to ropes
  9. Rope slams x20
  10. High knees, butt kickers
  11. Circuit 3, 10 min
  12. Push kb to column, 5 burpees
  13. (Can’t remember what else)
  14. Circuit 4 (5 min)
  15. Sprints to end of gym
  16. Done