Halloween 2

I’m thinking on the latest A drama. Her symptoms are resurfacing and her partner Jason is being a selfish prick imo. He’s breaking up because of how her health condition effects him. Fuck that noise.

I’m reminded of my father when he was dying. I held his hand and felt his life slip away. It was a fucking horrible experience. But, in part due to my father’s overwhelming bravery in the face of inevitable death, I came out a stronger man.

There are a lot of reasons to break out of a relationship. A person being an emotionally toxic and draining leech being one, regardless of their brain chemistry imbalances. But a physical chronic condition? No.

We’re all going to die. Some slower than others. Let’s at least make the time we have together the best possible.


10-5 workout

Already forgot some things so I will write what I remember.

Rows 800m


Curls to shoulder press 20lbx8

Arnold 15lbx5

Run to tire, flip 5 times


One leg raise on box with resist band underfoot…red..x8


35lb kb swing,x1…sprint to wall and back..repeat and increment to 10


Tricep extension rope 40, be close to rope


Facepull, stagger stance, rope split to sides of face

6th, reverse fly with 12lb


I spoke with my wife about the therapy stuff. Also tried to focus on not averting my eyes when talking. I noticed she had issues maintaining eye contact.

A thing that was decided was to check in with each other daily for now for accountabilty purposes. With plans to fall back to a weekly rythym.

I think the take away is my need to work towards my goals, and the need for my partner to keep up? Or at least in not such a way that I need to keep pulling her up.


2nd day of morning training. I definitely feel more energized. I may have messed up my left wrist though. Right knee is getting better but I really need to keep up with the self massage techniques now. Getting older is kind of sucking.

Yesterday was busy as far as work was concerned. A web “training” session that started feeling more like a sales call.

Worked on a very back logged support queue. Really tired of dealing with push work. Especially when most of the cases have work around and are for obscure issues that also require me spending a ton of time trying to replicate the issue, research, and hunt down users to coordinate on interface time. My boss’s priorities are focused on project work that effects the whole company and are much more time sensitive. That and security issues still take priority. I don’t have time to fix things that are minor in comparison to the big picture.

Socially I didn’t hear from people much. There was some feedback on my FB post regarding the morning workout routine.

I spent the entire evening cooking and cleaning. Wife was sick. No concrete info on a timeline for when my sister in law moves out.