2.22.23 diet journal

Not doing super great right now. Which is okay. Celebrating victory is easy. Recognizing failures without turning them into shame events but rather information to adjust to is hard. This is also why I need to weigh myself daily. I know there are plenty of people out there that swear against that but in my experience, it just works as a feedback system on my behavior with respect to diet and movement. Every time I’ve gone long periods without, I inevitably gain a lot of weight.

I did have significantly more carbs yesterday so I’m aware some of this might be water. But still, gotta check myself. I haven’t been on top of my food logging into fitbit…though lately, it has been acting sluggish. I wonder if it is Fitbit or the fact my account has so many saved items. Anyway, gonna post the pics of what I ate instead as a sort of way to be accountable to myself.

On to the stats

L l


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