2.24.23 diet journal

Something I’ve had a challenge with is how low my calories seem when I feel like I’m on point with my diet. I don’t feel like I’m starving at all. Dieticians, nutritionists, and trainers would take one look at my Fitbit log and blow a gasket probably though. I weigh what I eat so you would think it would be accurate…but I suppose all that depends on the label information being accurate, which I’m aware there is a pretty large margin of error. Perhaps it’d be better if there was a way (heh) to just track the overall weight of foods i put in my body rather than just going by the nutrition labels. I seem to be feeling fine at 1400 cals. Though to be fair, I’ve still got a good amount of fat to use. When I get leaner and have less fat to use and want to focus on muscle again that could be an issue.

That was the one counterintuitive thing i learned back in my lowest weight. I had to eat more for those gains back then. Different strats for different weights/goals.

Anyhow on to the stats and pics


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