I finally finished watching through the youtube crashcourse series on Psychology.  I found it super interesting.  I think if I had been more dedicated and/or was more interested in just learning (or rather found it to be less of a social faux pas, thanks to the culture I grew up in), I may very well have majored in Psychology or even Anthropology.  In order to practice writing more, which was one of my original motivations for this blog, I think I will write down my thoughts on each video.  I won’t put it on youtube or facebook since it’ll just be drowned out in other voices and ultimately no one will ever actually read them aside from a few dedicated trolls.  Heh, they may very well never get read here (although I see I had a whole 4 visitors up to this date, woo!).  Lets get it oooooon.  Oh here’s the playlist link, and Hank is kinda awesome at presenting this stuff…wish I had met more teachers (or presenters I suppose?) like this (or that more of them existed in the school system period):




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