To Nat,

I can tolerate a lot of dumb mistakes. That is an inherit human trait, and often a useful one as it leads to lots of learning and generally makes us better people.

But lying to me is not ok. You literally lied to my face. I told you how I responded to my brother when he stole from me and lied. I had no problem severing that relationship, and he was blood.

As such, you have proven without a doubt you cannot be trusted. You were fully sober so I can’t even give you the benefit of the doubt due to being drunk.

Starting today you have 1 week (2 weeks if you are serious about therapy, and provide proof that you went) to start showing progress on looking for a new place. I want proof, either electronic or on paper, that you are working towards this. Obviously your word cannot be trusted anymore so hard evidence is required. If I do not see any evidence, I will begin talking with a lawyer and begin the formal eviction process. I will not allow our giving nature to be taken advantage of anymore.

We will work with you on improving your credit via review in order to eliminate what handicaps we can.


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