One other thought

I’m normally a very modest person.  In fact, I can be crippling shy and withdrawn at times.  Despite this, whenever I allow myself to be open…I seem to have a powerful effect on people.  Whether  it is social or physical, it seems to be a thing that is happening.  I can’t afford to allow myself to be weighed down by my own self doubts.  In this short foray into deepening my connections with people on multiple levels, I’m seeing quickly that people will attach themselves to me hard when given the option.  This is a responsibility I need to be careful with.


I need to keep writing down my thoughts, and moreover, things I need to talk with people about.  I suppose my main challenge now, especially around chatty people, is that it can be hard for me to get words in sometimes.  When I do, it is often just a surface response or quip to whatever was recently said.  I need to do more to do cut to the heart of important matters.


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