2-3-21 I appear to be melting

Carbs are not the enemy. My water weight went up because I had a lot more carbs the preceding Saturday. Healthy carbs being flat bread, noodles, beans, and tofu. I also had a *crazy* amount of sex and burned over 1300 calories that day (my average day is around 900 calories burned via intentional exercise)

I keep meaning to put a new update here. Life has just been busy, and full. I’ve mostly kept to the schedule I had planned earlier. I’m not getting as much dance time as I had hoped and the recent snow had reduced the amount of walking opportunities I’ve had but the ~1800 calorie count has been consistent. As of this morning I was 172 lbs…which is kind of insane. I’ve been burning a little above 1lb of fat (and just fat, I actually gained lean mass) these past couple of months. If ~3500 calories is worth a lb of fat, then this suggests I have a deficit of 500 calories per day. At this activity level it suggests my maintenance calories is about 2300 calories.

I’ll be doing another weigh in tomorrow.


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