2.20.23 diet journal

I’m a little higher than expected. Saturday ended up being a rest day and i didn’t log. I did take pics though, except for the last meal of the day which were some teriyaki chickens on sticks (2 orders) and a couple shrimp egg rolls. I went up slightly in weight the next day which was kind of a pleasant surprise.

Sunday I did a strength workout. Good mornings, 6 squat sets, and 5 weighted hip thrusts. My diet was better controlled, though i still tipped over 1800 and i had more overall fat than normal. That does make me consider dropping a bit more fat for protein. Something closer to 220g of protein and 60ish for fat. I seemed to have more success with that, assuming I keep cal intake around 1600. Anyhow, here are the stats and some photos.


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