12-10-18 health stuff

I’ve gone a whole week with the 5:30 workouts, with Saturday being the rest day and Sunday pt. Weight still being stubborn. My lunches have been good. I think Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening eating out (and drinking some on Saturday too) didn’t help. I need a better approach on how I handle eating out when it is unavoidable. I hate the feeling of paying a lot for a little food… but I suppose I should look at restraunt menu items as more of an experience than money to calorie ratios.

At least I’m sore as all hell. Every bump of this metro reminds me that there are quite a few muscles in my core.

This morning’s workout:

  1. 5 min run with extra high knees and butt kickers
  2. Arm rotations
  3. Hip extension
  4. Hip thrust x20
  5. Squat to pushup, 5 pushup and 10 sec deep squat hold
  6. Single leg tip (bend knee)and squat x10 a side
  7. Single leg tip (no bend)and hamstring extension
  8. Start Circuit 2 min (20 jumping jacks before next station..plank if done early on station)
  9. Burpees with tire thrust
  10. Box single leg squat with yellow kb, x15 a side (need to stick with smaller box and blue)
  11. Kb single leg tip x15 a side
  12. Trx 15 horizontal grip to neutral grip end
  13. 15 pushup, 15 rope slam
  14. Wall ball toss x15
  15. 15 hip thrusters with sliders, 30 mountain climbers on sliders
  16. End circuit
  17. Aaaaaaabs
  18. Russian twist
  19. 6 inch hold
  20. Flutter kicks
  21. Plank
  22. Side planks
  23. Reapeat circuit from before, 1 min rounds
  24. Sprints
  25. 20 burpees
  26. Stretch

When I look back, man that is a lot of stuff…


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