12-15-19 strength training

Writing down what I remember of last session so I can figure out a lighter version to do on my own

  1. 500m row warmups
  2. Bar squat x12
  3. Heavy Weighted bar squat,x8 for 5 sets
  4. Warm-up good mornings x12
  5. Heavy good morning 3set,8 rep
  6. Shoulder shrugs
  7. Hammer curl, bicep curl 12, 5..3 sets
  8. Shoulder press, lat raises
  9. Pushups
  10. Pull-up bar hold, 10 single each leg raise, 5 both leg up
  11. 10 leg raise on bar
  12. Med ball sitting turn press…core tight emphasis
  13. Reverse fly
  14. Chinup pulldown

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