1-28-19 workout change

I’ve made the switch to my personal training sessions to be just me instead of the wife and I. There is also much more of a strength training component now. I was already leaned that way, but after trying out a new machine to measure body fat, it became a bit more important. It actually suggested I need more lean mass…not a lot, just .2 lbs, but still good to have some sort of confirmation.

My trainer worked with me on primary barbell exercises, more specifically to calculate my 1 rep max. A lot of that also entailed finding my optimum position for weighted squats and deadlifts.

For my squats, I need a wide stance with toes mostly forward. More importantly, I need a low bar configuration. Trying a high bar with a really heavy weight actually caused me to trip forward. Despite my efforts, I could always feel myself wanting to tip over when doing lighter squats. Now I really see the effect lol. It felt waaaay better with a low bar. This reminds me that now is a good time to review The Supple Leopard. There was a ton of material there on form. Now it will be more relevant. I guess this may mean I have an anterior pelvic tilt issue… which would make sense for a lot of reasons.

For the deadlift, I also need a wide stance. My shins need to align with the first line. My grip in inside, with the inside of my thumb grip where the rough hashes of the bar begin.

The rest was shoulder presses, bench presses, single arm rows (surprised myself that I could get to 45 lbs), and lat pulldowns (145? 150? 1 rm)

What’s supposed to happen next is my trainer will create a 12 week program based on the numbers we got. Now I need to figure out if I add gymside to my membership or see if there is another option.


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