Diet Journal 2.6.23

Better late than never to start. The weekend didn’t go super great. I found myself strapped for time while prepping for D&D and post-clean up and ended up ordering out twice on saturday (Ihop, then caltort). I thought I could get away with it because I got my bootcamp in and was walking/standing around for 4 hours while I hosted my game. That just wasn’t true. Oh, and my sis came home late and offered me a small cinnamon roll and I took it. Next time I either need to do a wrap setup (small ones only) and be happy with that or do the yogurt w/ protein spike setup. I also need to be strict on not eating unnecessary things. Being short on time should not be an excuse for eating out.

On friday, I was doing fairly well until I added carby meals/sweets with my dinner that set me back some more. Though I wasn’t physically active at all Friday either, not even a good walk.

I need to be more comfortable saying No to foods not on my diet plan. I was able to do that with sodas when I first lost a lot of weight, I can do the same here. I also need to make sure no snack foods are in plain sight. I need to ask my wife and my sister to please not leave that stuff outside. In fact, I need to ask them to put it away rather than me doing it…or they will never learn. I’m wondering if I should institute a 3 strikes rule as well…if I have to ask 3 times and it is still there, I’m tossing it.

This needs to come down.

Here is today’s plan. Hopefully I can stick to it. Yes it is on the low side, but obviously I have a good amount of fat I can tap into. When I get leaner I’m going to, somewhat counterintuitively, eat a bit more.


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