2.15.23 diet journal

I’m getting there, even if yesterday was a little bit of an off day with going out to dinner for V-Day with my partner. I’m thankful that they were supportive of my diet goals and we both went with salads (though I did have to push back on the burger temptation). It means a lot to have a partner that actively supports your fitness goals rather than sabotage them (intentional or not). I get everyone is not ready to go on that journey but still, it makes it more difficult than it needs to be when they leave out snacky foods which erodes willpower over time. Don’t get me started on the health at any size ideology (positive vibe intentions won’t help failing joints due to supporting more weight than they can handle) Anyhow, on to the stats. This time I took a manual picture at my partner’s place. I also did the aria when I got back home but it is higher due to eating a breakfast English muffin with a little butter and coffee with half and half.


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