5.16.23 fitness journey

I’m looping this song while I write this next idea: https://open.spotify.com/track/2pCs1SFdcWgJkVb8e0MatL?si=MUH1BN-xTAyUkaDdLDS0zA

I finally hit 202 today. I’m doing this by placing faith in myself and my analytical abilities. I was going to wait until tomorrow to quit that program, figuring a boxing class in the morning would hype me up enough to take on the possible push back I get. But I’m going to do that today.

2nd, I’m worried about my wife’s health. Which isn’t a new thing but she did have a pretty bad acid reflux episode last night and I know things will only get worse as we get older. I remembered a thing my father said about my sister’s ex partner. Something about the guy needing to be forward, not in a violent domineering way, but in a get things done manner when it came to good behavior habits. And so I think this may have to be the path I take.

I’m not a trainer. But I know how to be consistent. If I use evening sessions at gg for str training, I could get my wife to go. I can build programs in Strong now and get them exported to another user. Then it is just a case of making her go. Here’s my calendar plan:

  • Monday
    • Pm: pull
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
    • Pm: push
  • Thursday
    • (Me) deadlift day
  • Friday
  • Saturday
    • Legs am
  • Sunday
    • Kickboxing?

A big part of this is going to be getting her to walk regularly and have a diet plan. I’m not going to make her log like I do but there must be some sort of strategy. For her, low carb has been the most successful. Not because it is inherently special in any way, it is just easier to do.

I need a report on her walking. I’m going to have to be annoying and keep on her case to make sure there is a baseline to work on

And the weigh-in. It does matter. I’m planning to get an analog scale for weighing out cat litter but it can be useful for this too.

I know the conventional logic is you can’t get people to help themselves. But what is the alternative? Watch her suffer and deteriorate and be miserable when I know it can be prevented? I’m tired of listening to everyone else. Time to do my thing.

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