12-11-18 health

I had a good reminder this morning that looks are deceiving, and everyone has different fitness challenges. We had a partner based situp workout where we had to touch elbows on the upswing. The guy I was working with was clearly in the ideal bmi range and about my height…but he struggled with those sit-ups. Enough so that I had to slow down. And here I am always beating myself up for not being good enough.


5 min run with sprints

Dynamic exercises with 10 squats and pushups in between

Partner sit-ups..x50, then another 50 with torso twist

Circuit, 2 min each, 2 sets

5 box jump, 30 tire taps

15 kb swing, ladder hope

Balance ball plank with 10 rotation each side, trx row x15

Sleds, bear crawl with sand bag, tire flip 5

Circuit, heavy, 1 min, 2 sets

Kb deadlift

Russian twist with kb

Abs, leg over on x2, pushup



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