12-18-18 workout

  1. Warm-up run with standard intermixes
  2. Dynamic stretches with 20 high knees between each exercise
  3. Partner sit-ups, arms over chest, tap elbows 50
  4. More sit-ups, tap opposing elbows for a total of 100 (so 130 total)…also this time I had a partner that could keep up
  5. Sprints in lines for the next 5 minutes
  6. Circuit 10 min, x5 pushups each exercise
  7. Sledgehammer x20, high knees
  8. Boxjump x10, 10 goblet squat, 20 weighted lunges
  9. Trx row x10
  10. Kb swing x10
  11. 10 rope slam, 20 drummers
  12. Sliders, knees to chest
  13. Rest
  14. Circuit 2, x5 pushups, 20 tire taps
  15. 10 sledgehammer
  16. 10 box jump
  17. 10 trx row
  18. 10 kb swing
  19. 10 rope slam, 20 drummers
  20. 10 sliders knees to chest
  21. Circuit 3, x5 pushup, 10 tire taps, plank jacks through agility ladder…all exercises from above but 5 reps
  22. Sprints last 5 min
  23. Stretch

I still feel like I need to do more. Scale still stubborn. Need to be better at resisting surprise temptations at work and social funtions. I also want to add something at night. Maybe just use the dance game for now.

I still want to get back into Kenpo. Challenge is going to be timing and cost. Need to have talk with wife on whether she will make use of SF and pt.


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