1-8-19 workout

I’m still having trouble getting back to my normal sleep schedule. So much house stuff to do. Including meal prep(dropped to 125g chicken). Need to improve here..just sucks that I’d like to get more gaming time in. Anyway..

  1. Warm-up
  2. 5 min jog routine
  3. Dynamic warmups with 10 push-ups after each exercise
  4. Partner based sit-ups, 40
  5. 60 pushups
  6. 100 partner sit-ups with elbow taps
  7. Circuit x2 1 min sets, 10 push-ups after each set
  8. Sledgehammer
  9. Box jumps
  10. Kb swings
  11. Squats on bosu ball
  12. Mtn climbers with sliders
  13. Ball slams
  14. Bands with lat and front raises
  15. Tire taps
  16. End circuit
  17. 5 min of sprints
  18. 20 burpees

So a lot of pushups.


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