3.1.23 diet journal

I feel like I’m stagnating this week. Or maybe it is just this morning throwing me off? I did my push/pull workout yesterday and got everything in. The diet was on point. Instead of walking I did some yard work (trimming and hauling some branches). My diet went well too. Only thing I didn’t include in my log was having about 30g of that cheese sauce stuff, which seems to be relatively low cal. They were a couple bites of yuca, maybe 25g total. I should still have been under as far as my incoming calories. I might also be bothered by the inbody I did yesterday. Even though I am about 6 lbs lighter than when I did the jan 16th one, it thinks I gained fat and lost muscle. Yet my clothes fit a bit better and I don’t feel weak. Of course I’ve worked with that machine long enough to know it has some accuracy issues. The only other thing I could think throwing me off was my water level. It suggested I was on the low side, which does typically correlate with the skeletal muscle mass reading (SMM). And anytime SMM goes up, it inevitably reports a drop in fat. Something I should try to give more credit though is the fat% report on my fitbit. That piece has been going down consistently.

I’m also just tired this morning. My sleep wasn’t super great monday either. At least yesterday I had a good reason to be up late. Well, no, Monday I had a good reason to be up on the late side too. I’m taking a GM workshop course and I’m learning some good stuff as far as quick story generation. This just made me think that I should apply the location + creature + treasure template to all the side quest scenes I have planned for my players.

Back to the fitness train of thought. Now that this challenge is over, I’m going to start using the gold gym thursday morning for my leg workout. I’m going to keep the same timing. It’s going to be tuesday: SF upper; Thursday: GG, lower; Saturday/Sunday full body (Primaries Deadlift, Bench, Rows; isolation Skullcrush/Incline bicep curl). As the weather is getting warmer I should be able to put in more walking time. Maybe even some wind sprints? I’ve always had good success with those wind sprints. I just *hate* doing it in any kind of cold weather. It hurts my throat to breathe in cold air at the rate I do. Maybe I can set aside masks for this. Point is I need to have a good amount of cardio mixed in with my Strength training sessions. I don’t have the setup to do 2 strength training sessions in a day.

On to the stats:


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