2.14.23 diet journal

Not as good as i hoped today, especially in light of the extra walking, bootcamp, and what I thought would have been an efficient dinner. There wasn’t a good way to log the calories, so I’m glad I’m typing this down now. I’ll need to rethink on a lean high protein meal i can pick up quick and still “enjoy” around people. A social meal. Sort of. Which reminds me, I want to do more exploring on homeostatic hunger vs hedonistic hunger. Another time.

Another idea to consider when eating social. Eat small, supplement with basic custom protein smoothie.

When doing groceries after work, just let yourself sit with the hunger and know that you have the fat stores to deal with it.



2.10.23 Diet Journal

I was super busy and wasn’t able to get my log in yesterday morning so I’ll double up today. The important bit is I didn’t do great on the diet yesterday. I had 3 of those protein cookies that make me fart like the devil made me do it and a cauliflower pizza half The calories weren’t overall that bad but the problem was I didn’t stick to the plan and say “no” like I’ve been trying to focus on. I’ll have another chance to succeed today. Also the fact that my weight stayed the same despite that means had I stuck to the plan, I most likely would have closed on getting under 210. Just gotta keep at it.

The stats:

Estimate for today (2-10-23). Doing improv and wine tonight, expected snacks to reserved space.

2.8.23 diet log

Diet went well yesterday. There are complications with my gym billing (CC expiration change) and they’re being ridiculously annoying when it comes to updating my billing info. Without that fixed I can’t register for bootcamp classes. I just walked in and did a strength training session instead (push/pull), which doesn’t burn as many straight calories (though of course it is beneficial in many other ways). I did get in a 20 minute walk in the afternoon as well…would have liked a little longer but the day just felt so busy and even that walk got delayed until like 3pm. Oh and I discovered our dishwasher is down (motor maybe?) so that’s more time spent and more stress on another thing to need to pay for. Anyhow, stats for yesterday:

Vertical Push/pull db short 2023 feb sf
Tuesday 7 Feb 2023, 05:47

Incline Bench Press (Dumbbell)
Set 1: 20 lbs × 10 [Warm-up]
Set 2: 35 lbs × 14 @ 9.0
Set 3: 35 lbs × 12 @ 8.5
Set 4: 35 lbs × 12 @ 9.5
Set 5: 35 lbs × 10 @ 10.0
Lat pulldown sd
Set 1: 100 lbs × 12
Set 2: 120 lbs × 10
Set 3: 100 lbs × 12
Set 4: 100 lbs × 12
Sf seated row
Set 1: 100 lbs × 12
Set 2: 120 lbs × 10
Set 3: 100 lbs × 12
Set 4: 100 lbs × 12

Skullcrusher (Dumbbell)
Set 1: 20 lbs × 10 @ 10.0 [Failure]
Set 2: 20 lbs × 10 @ 9.5 [Failure]
Set 3: 20 lbs × 10 @ 9.5 [Failure]
Incline Curl (Dumbbell)
Set 1: 20 lbs × 10 @ 9.5
Set 2: 20 lbs × 9 @ 9.5
Set 3: 20 lbs × 10 @ 10.0

Face pull soldierfit
Set 1: 100 lbs × 12
Set 2: 100 lbs × 12
Set 3: 100 lbs × 12
Sf tricep overhead extension
Set 1: 40 lbs × 12
Set 2: 40 lbs × 14
Set 3: 40 lbs × 12
Soldierfit straight arm pulldown
Set 1: 90 lbs × 12
Set 2: 90 lbs × 12 @ 9.5
Set 3: 90 lbs × 8 [Failure]
Front raise cable sf
Set 1: 20 lbs × 14
Set 2: 30 lbs × 12 @ 8.5
Set 3: 30 lbs × 10 [Failure]

Diet Journal 2.6.23

Better late than never to start. The weekend didn’t go super great. I found myself strapped for time while prepping for D&D and post-clean up and ended up ordering out twice on saturday (Ihop, then caltort). I thought I could get away with it because I got my bootcamp in and was walking/standing around for 4 hours while I hosted my game. That just wasn’t true. Oh, and my sis came home late and offered me a small cinnamon roll and I took it. Next time I either need to do a wrap setup (small ones only) and be happy with that or do the yogurt w/ protein spike setup. I also need to be strict on not eating unnecessary things. Being short on time should not be an excuse for eating out.

On friday, I was doing fairly well until I added carby meals/sweets with my dinner that set me back some more. Though I wasn’t physically active at all Friday either, not even a good walk.

I need to be more comfortable saying No to foods not on my diet plan. I was able to do that with sodas when I first lost a lot of weight, I can do the same here. I also need to make sure no snack foods are in plain sight. I need to ask my wife and my sister to please not leave that stuff outside. In fact, I need to ask them to put it away rather than me doing it…or they will never learn. I’m wondering if I should institute a 3 strikes rule as well…if I have to ask 3 times and it is still there, I’m tossing it.

This needs to come down.

Here is today’s plan. Hopefully I can stick to it. Yes it is on the low side, but obviously I have a good amount of fat I can tap into. When I get leaner I’m going to, somewhat counterintuitively, eat a bit more.

1.2.23 Reflections on 2022

Time to reflect on the past year. If for no other reason, to understand where I was and how I got to where I am now. I think I might break this down by month.

  • January
    • I was experiencing depression and loneliness.
    • I was doing a lot of work on undoing the damage left by a narcissist ex
    • I noted how important a high step count was to my weight maintenance. I should focus on that again, especially since the weather is nicer right now.
    • I was struggling with my wife’s emotional availability (she had her own challenges).
    • I started talking with H again. They were going through surgery and I wanted to support them as a friend. I had thoughts of Stefy and how important it was to be there for a friend even if there had been romantic feelings in the past.
    • I started scheming on how to bring Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf into one of my D&D games.
    • I started taking local improv classes (workshop, ~once a month)
    • I think I was already back in the work office. I was dealing with security issues mostly. This was in the old building.
    • I had a covid scare
  • February
    • H and I got back together. I think I struggled opening up emotionally for a little while since I had been abandoned before.
    • I think I was actively training in SF and Kenpo
    • I put together my digital map case. I made a fun bridge encounter. The party was body blocked by trolls on one side and ogres on the other. The giants were arguing amongst each other on who owned the toll bridge. Meanwhile, the weight caused the bridge to start collapsing in random chunks. I rolled on a grid axis to determine which board fell. One of them was under a player. They made their dex save to not fall in. Eventually, they convinced the giants to form an LLC and got through.
    • I hit a PR on a 275 lb deadlift.
    • I had a talk with V and broke things off.
  • March
    • Things going well between H and I.
    • I think this was when I wrote that big kink negotiation document.
    • I built a pyramid scene using the 5 room model. It was a lot of work but I was proud of it.
    • I had a busy schedule between bootcamp, str training, kenpo, and online improv.
    • I replaced my laptop for a new one.
    • I got a new backpack with straps from REI. It helped quite a bit.
    • I was talking with Mia more.
  • April
    • H went on a 3 week cross country tour
    • I spent some time learning how to work with the levels module in Foundryvtt. It was cool but ultimately only useful for online only games. It had a lot of issues working correctly for in-person games.
  • May
    • Started on massage sessions
    • Attended wedding for my sis-in-law
    • I had a good connection with a striper. I wrote about the emotional experience in hopes I could write it into a story later.
    • Got together with J unexpectedly. Seems to be a comet situation.
    • Narrowly avoided Covid
    • Got reminded of my ex while browsing through munch meetups. Reminded me how important it is to be careful with the relationships I get into.
  • June
    • I was struggling with sleep. I had plans to get my home gym going but it never really happened effectively.
    • It looks like this was my busiest soldierfit month. 16 sessions. This doesn’t include my gold’s sessions. I’d like to see if I can beat that record this month.
  • July
    • I started talking with C again and went out on a date (well, hangout…I avoid calling these things dates to avoid implicit expectations)
    • I got surprised by a yard project my wife had gotten a quote for. I was frustrated, but ultimately let it through. It did prompt a financial review. That project ended up being a scam though, and we got conned out of that money. It hurt. My wife learned to always check licenses for contract work in the future.
    • My ex showed up again on a dating app (not her profile, but she was in group photos). It spurred more painful memories. I wrote about it and doubled down on my fitness goals.
    • I think I started experiencing foot pain (later turned out to be a bone spur, requiring orthodontic fitting to help mitigate)
    • I did a good gnoll voice that surprised my wife.
  • August
    • I got sick with some kind of flu. It wasn’t covid. The coughing was pretty bad. It came after attending the wedding of a friend.
    • ren faire season began. I didn’t make the weight I wanted to. I was able to still wear the pants at least. My wings never came.
    • I put a post out about accountability buddies for fitness stuff. A few people responded.
  • September
    • Took a trip to Ocean City with the wife and her partner N. Things became more physical/romantic with N and I. It was nice.
    • My sister made plans put down her old dog.
    • H attended ren faire with me several times this season. Looking at my writing, I noticed my depression stopped coming up. I still struggled with thoughts of my ex and how I was hurt. But I also finally accepted I was in a good stable relationship with H.
    • With H’s help, I got better with eye make up and tried several different looks through ren faire.
  • October
    • I met A at an event at the ren faire. We had met first on an app, and it seemed to be another dead end connection. But they came up to me at the event and apologized about it. We got along pretty well and made tentative plans to meet up again in the future.
    • I had some stress with the office move prep.
    • I went ham on halloween decorations and did a haunted walk through our backyard. I was proud of it.
  • November
    • Moved to the new office building. I had to be there the entire week the first week. I ended up catching Covid for the first time after that. It took me about a week to recover. I had the bivalent vaccine a month before and took paxlovid.
    • Before I got sick, I see I had some sort of argument with my wife. I didn’t want to come home as much.
  • December.
    • Had a great New Years spent with H and my wife. It was chill
    • I got a lot of DND/writing work done. I started using worldographer and Dungeon Alchemist. I might get back on Dungeon Draft soon too. The world stuff will be useful for my scifi world.

So all in all, I think 2022 went well. Fitness-wise it did not go great. But I have this year for that. I also really want to make progress on a book this year. I tried to make 10k words for the world ember went but did not make it in time. but H pointed out that 10k words is 1/4th of a novel. I had made 4k words with just my short story without realizing it. Writing a novel isn’t as far out of reach as I thought. I have hope for this year.

8.31.22 running

I was just thinking about how effective running has been for me for weight loss in the past. In particular, “wind sprints”, or hiit runs as I originally knew them. With the exception of early 2021 where I was doing strength training twice a day with an hour walk during lunch, I’ve been at my leanest when I’ve included 2-3 mile wind sprints.

How did it work?

  • Start with walking about .25 miles as a gentle warmup
  • Light jog for the next .75 miles
  • This next part will vary depending on your fitness level and how long you’ve been running in this style
    • Beginner:
      • Walk 1 min
      • Sprint at 80-90% of max intensity for 15 seconds
      • Repeat the walk/sprint pattern for 6 sets
      • Jog the rest of the way home
    • Increasing intensity
      • Reduce walking time, keep sprints the same. Down to 30 sec walking time, then shift to next phase
      • Same warmup
      • Start jog for 1 min
      • Hard sprint 15 seconds
      • 6 sets
      • Same warmup
      • 30 sec jog
      • 15 sec sprints
      • 6 sets
    • Beyond
      • Same warmup
      • Same set design just add more sets. I’ve gone as far as 16 sets. I could probably continue to scale this…the problem becomes time availability.

The bootcamp and strength training I do are helpful. But I think I’m going to supplement more runs again.

7.28.22 how do I know what I think…

The other day while burning some distraction cycles on one of those dating app (if you’re new here, hi I’m polyamorous) and i ran across a profile with a group photo that included an ex. There were feelings as you can imagine. And so to enact one of my favorite quotes, I write to see what I say.

I don’t feel hate. But I still feel swells of anger when she surfaces onto my consciousness. While I can understand how her behavior came from a past that included trauma and dealing with narcissistic personalities, it does not excuse it. I did not have to tolerate unexpected verbal lashings, shaming, gas lighting, and attempt reinforcement of toxic masculinity traits (e.g. “I should be able to have my temper tantrums without it effecting you ” and questioning whether I was “dom enough” because I could feel sad).

I allowed myself to feel the kind of emotion I hadn’t felt since I was a teenager. It was a kind of love. Not the secure trusting love I find myself in now, but the burning passion type instead. The kind that led to me having an overwhelming need to vent those emotions in form of prose and poem when a physical outlet was not possibe. I understood romantic poets a lot more during that time. I made honest mistakes since I wasn’t at my clearest mentally. Instead of making them moments to learn from, they became arrows of shame to be shot at me, again and again. I became vulnerable to her and it fully taken advantage of to cause maximum harm. That is why I became so focused on building my boundaries afterwards.

As I’ve often done in the past, I channel those potentially more damaging emotions into more useful activities. When I feel the anger and shame well up, I redirect them into my fitness efforts. I guess in a fucked up way I can thank her for reinforcing that aspect of myself.

When I had my first major success in weight loss (80 lbs in a year), I had this thought implanted in my mind by a coworkers back when I interned at an airport. “Your mind is only as strong as your body”. That idea has been my solace when I encounter hard times. That same idea is playing out when she enters my mind. I recognize it. I wasn’t weak but my past traumas were exploited. My fitness journey includes reinforcing my psyche. Because I know how the universe works. Despite my cutting her out of my life for my own safety, I know that someday I’ll run into her again. I need to be as sure about myself as I can be.

I won’t allow her to find anymore chinks in the armor I create for myself. I have people in my life who love me and celebrate me for who I am, flaws and all.

5.10.22 How bad do I want this?

This thought is latching to my brain today. It was triggered while browsing through FL. I was considering maybe looking at attending various local events, and came across my ex’s profile as a possible attendee. It brought back some painful memories. I’ll flat out say it, this person was a narcissist. They did a lot of emotional damage. The highs (or love bombs) were not worth the crippling lows. I went no contact a long while ago to protect myself. Now I’m afraid that my odds of running back into this person in the real world are more likely, especially if I try to attend any local events. I really don’t like confrontation. Meanwhile, this person *loved* to start arguments as a way to test people. That’s a massive waste of energy IMO. Now I could try to excuse this person based on the traumatic past they’ve had, but that isn’t okay. They were toxic. That experience is a poignant reminder for me that even as a polyamorous person, it is not worth pursuing toxic relationships, regardless of all of their other qualities. The damage to my psyche, and those around me as I stew in depression, is not worth it.

So back to this thought. It came up while I trained at the gym this morning. Working out is important to me as a mood regulator. I did not train at all last week due to being out for a wedding. Sure enough, come sunday I felt a melancholy just wash over me. Yes my social anxiety cup had runneth over, but also my bulwark was decayed. Then I remembered how I felt last year as I saw progress photos from last year. I was starting to like how I looked, for the first time ever in my life. It gave me an extra bit of confidence that I never knew could exist. I could actually see myself dressing in nice things that weren’t just ren fair garb.

And so as I struggle with trying to keep a fitness routine going I have this concern of confrontation in my head. I know the universe loves to fuck with me, and so at some point it’ll happen even with avoiding those events. I feel that I need to get my body back to where I was early last year. Rebuilding that confidence in myself is to serve as that shield for my mind when I fully expect this person will try to tear me down and/or emotionally manipulate me into doing that myself. I know the mechanical things that I have to do. It comes down to gritting my teeth and getting it done…and not injuring myself in the process.

I need to get up earlier during the week. The Tuesday/Thursday morning strength training is nice…but I can do more. If I’m making slow incremental process through this “part time” training schedule I’m on now (keeping my nutrition in check of course), then I can just imagine my progress should I commit. If I want to be ready to handle those barbs, then I need to commit to this phase of training. No one else is going to be be able to help me with this.

Okay, I feel a bit better putting this out into the ether. I know what I need to do.