11-14-18 workout

Warm-up with more pushups

Mini circuit

Goblet squat x15
Box jump x15 ( had issue being able to softly land, did tuck jumps instead)..10 min


At your own pace, x16:


Tire thrusters

Upright rows

Dips (tricep started cramping)

Trx squat jumps

“Man makers”( pushups with dumbbells, then single arm plank row, then stand and bicep curl to shoulder press)


Wall squat with heavy dumbbells held overhead…class in a line. 1 person sprinting 3 times back and forth. Weight holds changed over time. Back on floor, held press. Then held with legs 6 inches off floor. Then leg lifts. Then short flutter kicks to 95. Then long flutter kicks to 65. Post workout stretch.


11-12-18 class workout

(I can’t remember everything, writing down what I do recall)

5-10 min warm-up run/dynamic movements

Wall squat with slam ball side to side x20

Bent over rows, yellow kb until partner finished wall squat..10 min total

Tire flip around gym with partner, high knees or March in place while waiting, 10 min

Circuit, 2 min stations:

Trx rows, neutral and vertical grip alternate

Wall toss with 20lb slam ball

Multi-person situp with large PVC pipe filled with water

Repeat circuit twice

Suicide runs, mountain climbers during downtime

11-4-18 workout

12 kb swing purple

10 squat purple

3 sets

Bird dogs 5 sec hold each side,x 5

Sit-ups x10

Bent over rows 27.5 x10

3 set

Face pulls 60lb

Rows 100lb

3 set

Pulldowns 100lb

Bucep curl 60lb

Med ball marching twists x10 a side

Jumping jacks x30

Kb deadlift slow extension 4 second x6, purple

2 set

Shoulder press 20lbx10

Trx vertical and horizontal grip x6

3 sey

Mountain climbers x50

Plank jacks x30

3 set

Kb lift to chin front (name?) Yellow

2 set