3.3.23 diet journal

Not a whole lot of progress this week. The body fat percent might mean something but hard to say. I am planning on starting up my wind sprints again. Nothing beats the consistently high heart rate I get when doing it. In the past those runs have always resulted in weight loss. I remember my pt discouraged it for a bit since we were focusing on muscle build. My remote work schedule should be changing next week so hopefully, I’ll have more opportunities too.

I’ll be remote w-friday. I’m thinking bootcamps m/t. Upper str wed with either sprint back home or run after work. Th bootcamp. Friday legs. Saturday bootcamp or rest. Sunday full body str + run.

On to the stats.


3.1.23 diet journal

I feel like I’m stagnating this week. Or maybe it is just this morning throwing me off? I did my push/pull workout yesterday and got everything in. The diet was on point. Instead of walking I did some yard work (trimming and hauling some branches). My diet went well too. Only thing I didn’t include in my log was having about 30g of that cheese sauce stuff, which seems to be relatively low cal. They were a couple bites of yuca, maybe 25g total. I should still have been under as far as my incoming calories. I might also be bothered by the inbody I did yesterday. Even though I am about 6 lbs lighter than when I did the jan 16th one, it thinks I gained fat and lost muscle. Yet my clothes fit a bit better and I don’t feel weak. Of course I’ve worked with that machine long enough to know it has some accuracy issues. The only other thing I could think throwing me off was my water level. It suggested I was on the low side, which does typically correlate with the skeletal muscle mass reading (SMM). And anytime SMM goes up, it inevitably reports a drop in fat. Something I should try to give more credit though is the fat% report on my fitbit. That piece has been going down consistently.

I’m also just tired this morning. My sleep wasn’t super great monday either. At least yesterday I had a good reason to be up late. Well, no, Monday I had a good reason to be up on the late side too. I’m taking a GM workshop course and I’m learning some good stuff as far as quick story generation. This just made me think that I should apply the location + creature + treasure template to all the side quest scenes I have planned for my players.

Back to the fitness train of thought. Now that this challenge is over, I’m going to start using the gold gym thursday morning for my leg workout. I’m going to keep the same timing. It’s going to be tuesday: SF upper; Thursday: GG, lower; Saturday/Sunday full body (Primaries Deadlift, Bench, Rows; isolation Skullcrush/Incline bicep curl). As the weather is getting warmer I should be able to put in more walking time. Maybe even some wind sprints? I’ve always had good success with those wind sprints. I just *hate* doing it in any kind of cold weather. It hurts my throat to breathe in cold air at the rate I do. Maybe I can set aside masks for this. Point is I need to have a good amount of cardio mixed in with my Strength training sessions. I don’t have the setup to do 2 strength training sessions in a day.

On to the stats:

2.27.23 diet journal

Sat morning weigh-in was a little confusing. I worked out hard, hydrated, walked, and my diet was reasonable. The biggest deviation was having 100g of tostones in an air fryer for my carbs. Maybe they are just more carb dense than i expected. Sunday went better than expected given i didn’t workout Friday and ate quite a bit of beans and even had some chicken pizza at night. I did try to keep everything else on the small side so maybe it just all panned out. I was more focused on the diet sunday. Plus the beans evacuated my body in a rough way lol.

On to the stats

2.24.23 diet journal for real

I just noticed I put the wrong date for my last entry (should have been the 23rd). I guess I was a little distracted. I’m even more distracted now, for good poly reasons. Those NRE feels are kicking in and I’m being a little cautious now. Sometimes working out isn’t just about taking down the bad emotions but also keeping the big happy ones from getting out of control (the risk there is I become vulnerable to the loss and other stuff). Anyhow, diet went well yesterday and so did the bootcamp workout. I also did a fair amount of walking in the house just trying to get prepared for the movie date I had.

On to the stats:

I should note, the screencap here is for the past 30 days. Almost 10 lbs in 30 days isn’t too bad. I think the max recommended weight loss ratio is about 2 lbs a week? I don’t know where the science for that claim comes from. If someone knows please feel free to comment them science gains. Also, surprise bonus cat photo below.

2.24.23 diet journal

Something I’ve had a challenge with is how low my calories seem when I feel like I’m on point with my diet. I don’t feel like I’m starving at all. Dieticians, nutritionists, and trainers would take one look at my Fitbit log and blow a gasket probably though. I weigh what I eat so you would think it would be accurate…but I suppose all that depends on the label information being accurate, which I’m aware there is a pretty large margin of error. Perhaps it’d be better if there was a way (heh) to just track the overall weight of foods i put in my body rather than just going by the nutrition labels. I seem to be feeling fine at 1400 cals. Though to be fair, I’ve still got a good amount of fat to use. When I get leaner and have less fat to use and want to focus on muscle again that could be an issue.

That was the one counterintuitive thing i learned back in my lowest weight. I had to eat more for those gains back then. Different strats for different weights/goals.

Anyhow on to the stats and pics

2.22.23 diet journal

Not doing super great right now. Which is okay. Celebrating victory is easy. Recognizing failures without turning them into shame events but rather information to adjust to is hard. This is also why I need to weigh myself daily. I know there are plenty of people out there that swear against that but in my experience, it just works as a feedback system on my behavior with respect to diet and movement. Every time I’ve gone long periods without, I inevitably gain a lot of weight.

I did have significantly more carbs yesterday so I’m aware some of this might be water. But still, gotta check myself. I haven’t been on top of my food logging into fitbit…though lately, it has been acting sluggish. I wonder if it is Fitbit or the fact my account has so many saved items. Anyway, gonna post the pics of what I ate instead as a sort of way to be accountable to myself.

On to the stats

L l

2.20.23 diet journal

I’m a little higher than expected. Saturday ended up being a rest day and i didn’t log. I did take pics though, except for the last meal of the day which were some teriyaki chickens on sticks (2 orders) and a couple shrimp egg rolls. I went up slightly in weight the next day which was kind of a pleasant surprise.

Sunday I did a strength workout. Good mornings, 6 squat sets, and 5 weighted hip thrusts. My diet was better controlled, though i still tipped over 1800 and i had more overall fat than normal. That does make me consider dropping a bit more fat for protein. Something closer to 220g of protein and 60ish for fat. I seemed to have more success with that, assuming I keep cal intake around 1600. Anyhow, here are the stats and some photos.

2.18.23 Diet Journal

Finally broke 210 today. The diet was a little strange yesterday but mostly good. Going strictly by calorie count I was over, but I think the TEF of some of my foods was enough to overcome that. I also seem to have good success with avocados, even though my macro and calorie intake goal would want me to steer away from them. I also eat out for social reasons, even though I had just recently had my dinner. I went to mission bbq and chose to only have the turkey. I got a strange look from the cashier.

And that’s the thing when you really commit to a diet. People look at you oddly. You really have to be prepared to push against that discomfort. Stick to your plan as much as possible and if you can’t do that at least try to log what you ate or even take photos. Your body is like a science project. You need to know your baseline and act accordingly if you want to change the balance.

Also, you should let your friends be aware that you are trying to diet for a while. Enlist their help if you can. If they give you shit for it…maybe you should spend less time around them. On to the stats:

2.17.23 diet journal

Yesterday was stressful. I didn’t even have time to put stuff in my fitbit log. I did keep to taking pictures of what i ate at least. The chips i ate did not help but i did throw them away since it was clear no one else was eating any. I still haven’t beat 210 but I’m close. I know at the end of the day it is an artibitary number to get fixated but it is still a goal. I got closer though. Just another remind i need to keep the diet discipline on as much as i can…even if it isn’t perfect. Partial credit is better than no credit.. (side note, added a chopt salad at the end of the day)


2.16.23 diet journal

This is the point in the weight loss journey where it can be easy to give up. I’ve done this trip several times so I know. I wasn’t perfect on the diet yesterday but I didn’t do anything extreme either. Just a little bit more “healthy” carbs and I was only able to get in a few short walks in today. My evenings during the week are just so short, especially if I want to be attentive to the other humans in my house. That’s why these mornings are just so critical for my workouts. And I don’t even have kids yet! Though I’m hoping to get that 3rd remote work day soon. That plus shifting to a continuous set of days on or off will make it easier for me to have the time I need to attend to myself.

Today I’ll be doing my AM bootcamp workout. Then somehow I need to get some prep work done for a DND game I’m running tonight for a solo person. And stick to the diet. On the bright side, the weight stats show I’m at a flat 29% bodyfat…I feel like if I keep at it I’ll beat 210 by this weekend. On to the stats.