12-20-18 workout

I’m close to getting 15 clean pushups in before my form craps out…anyhow

  1. Warmup run with high knees, butt kickers, sprints, side shuffles
  2. dynamic stretches with 20 high knees between each exercise
  3. Partner setup, 5/5/5 to 25/25/25 pushups, situps, squats; increment 5
  4. circuit
    1. 3 tire flips
    2. tire step throughs
    3. 10 rope slams
    4. 10 medicine ball slams
    5. 10 ab rollers
    6. 10 sliders, knees to chest
    7. high knees via agility ladder
  5. Circuit 2
    1. 15 box jumps
    2. 15 trx rows
    3. “box sprint”…run forward, shuffle left, run backwards, shuffle right
    4. squat jacks along fire hose
  6. Circuit 3
    1. Any of the above exercises for 10 count (except tire flips)
    2. “man maker” with 10lb dumbells
      1. sprawl to pushup, single arm row while holding plank, each side, then back to squat, curl, shoulder press
  7. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaabs
    1. flutter kicks 1-2-3/25
    2. knees to chest 25
    3. situps 25
    4. crunches 40 (elbows touch knees)
  8. Stretch



12-18-18 workout

  1. Warm-up run with standard intermixes
  2. Dynamic stretches with 20 high knees between each exercise
  3. Partner sit-ups, arms over chest, tap elbows 50
  4. More sit-ups, tap opposing elbows for a total of 100 (so 130 total)…also this time I had a partner that could keep up
  5. Sprints in lines for the next 5 minutes
  6. Circuit 10 min, x5 pushups each exercise
  7. Sledgehammer x20, high knees
  8. Boxjump x10, 10 goblet squat, 20 weighted lunges
  9. Trx row x10
  10. Kb swing x10
  11. 10 rope slam, 20 drummers
  12. Sliders, knees to chest
  13. Rest
  14. Circuit 2, x5 pushups, 20 tire taps
  15. 10 sledgehammer
  16. 10 box jump
  17. 10 trx row
  18. 10 kb swing
  19. 10 rope slam, 20 drummers
  20. 10 sliders knees to chest
  21. Circuit 3, x5 pushup, 10 tire taps, plank jacks through agility ladder…all exercises from above but 5 reps
  22. Sprints last 5 min
  23. Stretch

I still feel like I need to do more. Scale still stubborn. Need to be better at resisting surprise temptations at work and social funtions. I also want to add something at night. Maybe just use the dance game for now.

I still want to get back into Kenpo. Challenge is going to be timing and cost. Need to have talk with wife on whether she will make use of SF and pt.

12-17-18 emotional stuff

For the most part things have been stable and predictable. At least for me. My wife has been having a tough time with her job. Oh and the lawyer stuff I’m preparing to deal with. She also finished up this semester and will be taking a couple months off from school.

I guess I haven’t been able to think about much else lately. I’ve been focused on the health stuff, which still hasn’t been going the way I want. I was barely able to hit 188 Friday.. then one bad day, bam 193 post Monday workout. Ugh. I imagine winter is having an influence. I’m working out harder than I did in the summer…and the weight was flying off back then. My pushups are better though. Gotta keep grinding.

12-17-18 workout

Sleep schedule was off as Saturday I was up late for a d&d game and follow up hang out at a friend’s friend’s apartment, where I did not have the best food options. Mix that with social anxiety and food will be eaten if it means I don’t need to come up with something to say. Anyway…

  1. 5 min warm-up with interspersed incrementing jumping jacks, high knees, butt kickers, pushups, bear crawls, lunges
  2. Arm rotations, hip thrust (1 min), “cherry pickers” 2 min, sprawling pushups (2) 2 min, squat jacks 2 min, mountain climbers
  3. Circuit 10 min, lines
  4. Suicide run
  5. 20 rope slam
  6. Mixed planks, side planks, 6 inch hold, flutter kicks, squat holds, squat jumps
  7. Circuit 2 (10 min)
  8. Sprint to ropes
  9. Rope slams x20
  10. High knees, butt kickers
  11. Circuit 3, 10 min
  12. Push kb to column, 5 burpees
  13. (Can’t remember what else)
  14. Circuit 4 (5 min)
  15. Sprints to end of gym
  16. Done

12-12-18 workout

Let’s get straight to it.

  1. 5 min warm-up run with new modifications and mixed in dynamic stretches
  2. 25 pushups, 25 sit-ups, 30 hip thrust, sprinkled in arm rotations, squat jacks, sprawl to pushups
  3. Circuit, 2 min each set, 1 superset
  4. Full sprint
  5. Suicide runs
  6. Burpees
  7. 6 inch leg hold
  8. Backward walk
  9. Broad jumps
  10. Lunges
  11. Bear crawls
  12. End circuit
  13. Aaaaaaabs
  14. Figure 8 leg ups
  15. Leg arc side to side
  16. Alternate toe reach and rotations
  17. Circuit, distance based, 5 min
  18. Lunges with heavy weight (had tire) over head
  19. Return to start and 10 push-ups

For the initial push-ups, I did make an improvement and reached 15 good form pushups before having to regress. I guess last week’s pushup barrage made a difference.

12-11-18 health

I had a good reminder this morning that looks are deceiving, and everyone has different fitness challenges. We had a partner based situp workout where we had to touch elbows on the upswing. The guy I was working with was clearly in the ideal bmi range and about my height…but he struggled with those sit-ups. Enough so that I had to slow down. And here I am always beating myself up for not being good enough.


5 min run with sprints

Dynamic exercises with 10 squats and pushups in between

Partner sit-ups..x50, then another 50 with torso twist

Circuit, 2 min each, 2 sets

5 box jump, 30 tire taps

15 kb swing, ladder hope

Balance ball plank with 10 rotation each side, trx row x15

Sleds, bear crawl with sand bag, tire flip 5

Circuit, heavy, 1 min, 2 sets

Kb deadlift

Russian twist with kb

Abs, leg over on x2, pushup


12-10-18 health stuff

I’ve gone a whole week with the 5:30 workouts, with Saturday being the rest day and Sunday pt. Weight still being stubborn. My lunches have been good. I think Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening eating out (and drinking some on Saturday too) didn’t help. I need a better approach on how I handle eating out when it is unavoidable. I hate the feeling of paying a lot for a little food… but I suppose I should look at restraunt menu items as more of an experience than money to calorie ratios.

At least I’m sore as all hell. Every bump of this metro reminds me that there are quite a few muscles in my core.

This morning’s workout:

  1. 5 min run with extra high knees and butt kickers
  2. Arm rotations
  3. Hip extension
  4. Hip thrust x20
  5. Squat to pushup, 5 pushup and 10 sec deep squat hold
  6. Single leg tip (bend knee)and squat x10 a side
  7. Single leg tip (no bend)and hamstring extension
  8. Start Circuit 2 min (20 jumping jacks before next station..plank if done early on station)
  9. Burpees with tire thrust
  10. Box single leg squat with yellow kb, x15 a side (need to stick with smaller box and blue)
  11. Kb single leg tip x15 a side
  12. Trx 15 horizontal grip to neutral grip end
  13. 15 pushup, 15 rope slam
  14. Wall ball toss x15
  15. 15 hip thrusters with sliders, 30 mountain climbers on sliders
  16. End circuit
  17. Aaaaaaabs
  18. Russian twist
  19. 6 inch hold
  20. Flutter kicks
  21. Plank
  22. Side planks
  23. Reapeat circuit from before, 1 min rounds
  24. Sprints
  25. 20 burpees
  26. Stretch

When I look back, man that is a lot of stuff…

11-4-18 back to work

I’m switching back to early morning workouts. Even with trying to stay up later, social stuff isn’t happening. I’m also annoyed that I’m having trouble getting back under 190. I will get back to where I was before Ren faire and getting sick. I don’t have anything better to do now other than continue to work, and exercise. My fitness is my focus now. I’ll look at the social stuff when I’m in the low 170s. I feel alone in this.

This morning’s circuit:

Warmup run

2nd warm-up with 10 squats between each exercise: arm rotations, leg extensions, hip thrust, squat to pushup(1 min), squat jacks

10 min circuit, start 5, increment by 5 until 25, then downwards




2nd circuit 12 min:

Sprint x5

Kb swing green 10

Trx row 10

10 combat rope slam

High knees through floor ladder, tire

Jumping jacks through ladder

Tire thrust 10

Sledgehammer 20

3rd circuit

Repeat, change tire thrust to tire tapsx30…3 burpees after each session

Final, sprints approx every 30 seconds


11-14-18 workout

Warm-up with more pushups

Mini circuit

Goblet squat x15
Box jump x15 ( had issue being able to softly land, did tuck jumps instead)..10 min


At your own pace, x16:


Tire thrusters

Upright rows

Dips (tricep started cramping)

Trx squat jumps

“Man makers”( pushups with dumbbells, then single arm plank row, then stand and bicep curl to shoulder press)


Wall squat with heavy dumbbells held overhead…class in a line. 1 person sprinting 3 times back and forth. Weight holds changed over time. Back on floor, held press. Then held with legs 6 inches off floor. Then leg lifts. Then short flutter kicks to 95. Then long flutter kicks to 65. Post workout stretch.

11-12-18 class workout

(I can’t remember everything, writing down what I do recall)

5-10 min warm-up run/dynamic movements

Wall squat with slam ball side to side x20

Bent over rows, yellow kb until partner finished wall squat..10 min total

Tire flip around gym with partner, high knees or March in place while waiting, 10 min

Circuit, 2 min stations:

Trx rows, neutral and vertical grip alternate

Wall toss with 20lb slam ball

Multi-person situp with large PVC pipe filled with water

Repeat circuit twice

Suicide runs, mountain climbers during downtime