1-22-19 workout

Shifted to night workouts in order to drag my wife there. Hard enough to get her to a class, let alone a 5:30 am one. Might work out better though for me. Finally broke 185 this morning, and that is despite eating mission BBQ after class. Anyhoo…

  1. Warm up run with emphasis on core
  2. Planka/Russian twist with kb..partner setup. 20 twists while partner planks. Trade. 6 minutes
  3. Circuit, 10-15 min
  4. Run to combat ropes
  5. 10 rope slams
  6. 5 slam balls
  7. 30 tire toe taps
  8. High knees
  9. Done circuit
  10. Circuit 10 min
  11. 10 kb swings
  12. 20 kb squats
  13. 30 kb lunged
  14. 40 penguins
  15. 50 ice skaters
  16. Bear crawl, 5 pushups each column
  17. New circuit final 10 min
  18. 5 wall toss
  19. 10 squatted tire thrust
  20. Bosu ball 360 jumps
  21. Trx bicep curl by face
  22. 60 rope waves
  23. Stretch

1-8-19 workout

I’m still having trouble getting back to my normal sleep schedule. So much house stuff to do. Including meal prep(dropped to 125g chicken). Need to improve here..just sucks that I’d like to get more gaming time in. Anyway..

  1. Warm-up
  2. 5 min jog routine
  3. Dynamic warmups with 10 push-ups after each exercise
  4. Partner based sit-ups, 40
  5. 60 pushups
  6. 100 partner sit-ups with elbow taps
  7. Circuit x2 1 min sets, 10 push-ups after each set
  8. Sledgehammer
  9. Box jumps
  10. Kb swings
  11. Squats on bosu ball
  12. Mtn climbers with sliders
  13. Ball slams
  14. Bands with lat and front raises
  15. Tire taps
  16. End circuit
  17. 5 min of sprints
  18. 20 burpees

So a lot of pushups.

12-30-18 workout

  1. 600m row
  2. Lunges, flutter kicks, cruncges
  3. Ss1 – 4x
  4. 10 squat w 30lb slam ball
  5. 5 slams
  6. Run
  7. Weighted bird dogs
  8. Bicep curl variation (hold)
  9. Ss x3
  10. Bent over row 35lb
  11. 8 pushup
  12. Tricep 27.5 lb 4 sets (1st 22lb)
  13. Hold v with 10lb weight twice..3rd no weight
  14. Plank toe tap 20 rep x2
  15. Ss rower 100m, 30 high knees, 20 penguins
  16. Lateral raise 10lb x3
  17. Single leg forward dip with 10lb x2
  18. Alternate toe touches x20 rep 2 sets

New Years, goal recalibrations

I started the new year with a 2 hour soldierfit session. It reminded me that I need rash guards… because 2 hours of sweating the way I do plus running in the cold = OUCH MY NIPS

I am going to revise this post a few times then pin it when I have sorted out my new goals. First I need to acknowledge what I did accomplish last year, and what I learned. That will help inform the stepping stone goals I need to set in order to get to the bigger goals. For example, I was able to get to 15 clean pushups last year, starting at none at the start of the year. I still want to get to 50. So I figure 30 by April should be an ok goal. I’ll aim to up my Max by 1-2 a week. I just need to put this stuff in bullet form.

I’m also planning to get back into martial arts this year (ikca Kenpo). This means I won’t have much in the way of evenings open. I want to achieve new heights with my body… figuratively and literally. That means dedicating myself to my fitness goals now.

That’ll also mean less time for gaming. I’m giving up on twitch. I don’t need to sacrifice my time and health to find an audience. I think I am beyond needing gaming for a short term dopamine rush. I’m just in it for the stories now.

On the relationship stuff, I’m not sure if I’ll give poly another shot. I effectively have a green light from my wife, but I’m still anxious that taking that route will end up putting me in another tic for tac trap. The one thing I do want though is a partner who is also focused on progressing on fitness and has a grit similar to mine. Nothing romantic is needed there.

On work… I’m not sure what I want there. I’ll think more on this.

12-27-18 workout

Went in for a later workout, with all the sessions and a consultation I did regarding O365.  Jose class, which did not disappoint…so to speak.   1500 reps was the name of the game.  I got maybe half way.  I was too tired to count at some point

  • Warm up run, with jogs up the hill outside in ~40 degree weather intermixed
  • dynamic warmups
  • 2 min squat jacks
  • main event (order not exact):
  • 40 burpees
  • 50 tire squats
  • push ~90lb sled across gym
  • 100 jumping jacks
  • 50 weighted situps (40lb dumbell)
  • 50 kb swings (yellow, ~35 lb)
  • 10 sprint sets
  • 50 pushups
  • sled
  • 50 toe touches
  • sled (no one was doing the sled, and I knew if no one did, he’d get the class somehow…altruism for the win?)
  • repeat former exercises
  • finish with burpees + sprints

There was probably more…but I’m too tired to recall.



12-20-18 workout

I’m close to getting 15 clean pushups in before my form craps out…anyhow

  1. Warmup run with high knees, butt kickers, sprints, side shuffles
  2. dynamic stretches with 20 high knees between each exercise
  3. Partner setup, 5/5/5 to 25/25/25 pushups, situps, squats; increment 5
  4. circuit
    1. 3 tire flips
    2. tire step throughs
    3. 10 rope slams
    4. 10 medicine ball slams
    5. 10 ab rollers
    6. 10 sliders, knees to chest
    7. high knees via agility ladder
  5. Circuit 2
    1. 15 box jumps
    2. 15 trx rows
    3. “box sprint”…run forward, shuffle left, run backwards, shuffle right
    4. squat jacks along fire hose
  6. Circuit 3
    1. Any of the above exercises for 10 count (except tire flips)
    2. “man maker” with 10lb dumbells
      1. sprawl to pushup, single arm row while holding plank, each side, then back to squat, curl, shoulder press
  7. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaabs
    1. flutter kicks 1-2-3/25
    2. knees to chest 25
    3. situps 25
    4. crunches 40 (elbows touch knees)
  8. Stretch


12-18-18 workout

  1. Warm-up run with standard intermixes
  2. Dynamic stretches with 20 high knees between each exercise
  3. Partner sit-ups, arms over chest, tap elbows 50
  4. More sit-ups, tap opposing elbows for a total of 100 (so 130 total)…also this time I had a partner that could keep up
  5. Sprints in lines for the next 5 minutes
  6. Circuit 10 min, x5 pushups each exercise
  7. Sledgehammer x20, high knees
  8. Boxjump x10, 10 goblet squat, 20 weighted lunges
  9. Trx row x10
  10. Kb swing x10
  11. 10 rope slam, 20 drummers
  12. Sliders, knees to chest
  13. Rest
  14. Circuit 2, x5 pushups, 20 tire taps
  15. 10 sledgehammer
  16. 10 box jump
  17. 10 trx row
  18. 10 kb swing
  19. 10 rope slam, 20 drummers
  20. 10 sliders knees to chest
  21. Circuit 3, x5 pushup, 10 tire taps, plank jacks through agility ladder…all exercises from above but 5 reps
  22. Sprints last 5 min
  23. Stretch

I still feel like I need to do more. Scale still stubborn. Need to be better at resisting surprise temptations at work and social funtions. I also want to add something at night. Maybe just use the dance game for now.

I still want to get back into Kenpo. Challenge is going to be timing and cost. Need to have talk with wife on whether she will make use of SF and pt.

12-17-18 emotional stuff

For the most part things have been stable and predictable. At least for me. My wife has been having a tough time with her job. Oh and the lawyer stuff I’m preparing to deal with. She also finished up this semester and will be taking a couple months off from school.

I guess I haven’t been able to think about much else lately. I’ve been focused on the health stuff, which still hasn’t been going the way I want. I was barely able to hit 188 Friday.. then one bad day, bam 193 post Monday workout. Ugh. I imagine winter is having an influence. I’m working out harder than I did in the summer…and the weight was flying off back then. My pushups are better though. Gotta keep grinding.

12-17-18 workout

Sleep schedule was off as Saturday I was up late for a d&d game and follow up hang out at a friend’s friend’s apartment, where I did not have the best food options. Mix that with social anxiety and food will be eaten if it means I don’t need to come up with something to say. Anyway…

  1. 5 min warm-up with interspersed incrementing jumping jacks, high knees, butt kickers, pushups, bear crawls, lunges
  2. Arm rotations, hip thrust (1 min), “cherry pickers” 2 min, sprawling pushups (2) 2 min, squat jacks 2 min, mountain climbers
  3. Circuit 10 min, lines
  4. Suicide run
  5. 20 rope slam
  6. Mixed planks, side planks, 6 inch hold, flutter kicks, squat holds, squat jumps
  7. Circuit 2 (10 min)
  8. Sprint to ropes
  9. Rope slams x20
  10. High knees, butt kickers
  11. Circuit 3, 10 min
  12. Push kb to column, 5 burpees
  13. (Can’t remember what else)
  14. Circuit 4 (5 min)
  15. Sprints to end of gym
  16. Done

12-12-18 workout

Let’s get straight to it.

  1. 5 min warm-up run with new modifications and mixed in dynamic stretches
  2. 25 pushups, 25 sit-ups, 30 hip thrust, sprinkled in arm rotations, squat jacks, sprawl to pushups
  3. Circuit, 2 min each set, 1 superset
  4. Full sprint
  5. Suicide runs
  6. Burpees
  7. 6 inch leg hold
  8. Backward walk
  9. Broad jumps
  10. Lunges
  11. Bear crawls
  12. End circuit
  13. Aaaaaaabs
  14. Figure 8 leg ups
  15. Leg arc side to side
  16. Alternate toe reach and rotations
  17. Circuit, distance based, 5 min
  18. Lunges with heavy weight (had tire) over head
  19. Return to start and 10 push-ups

For the initial push-ups, I did make an improvement and reached 15 good form pushups before having to regress. I guess last week’s pushup barrage made a difference.